FBI Provides Advanced Warning to Hunter Biden, Impeding Investigation

Introduction: Startling information has come to light regarding the ongoing legal troubles of Hunter Biden. It has been discovered that the FBI not only alerted Hunter Biden about the criminal probe into his activities but also instructed their agents to stay away. House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-KY) has confirmed this shocking revelation, which aligns with claims made by IRS whistleblowers. Here are the details that expose this concerning incident.

FBI Officials Tip Off Hunter Biden in Advance

In a surprising turn of events, it has been verified that FBI officials notified both the Secret Service headquarters and the Biden transition team about the scheduled interview with Hunter Biden. Consequently, federal agents were explicitly told to wait for Hunter Biden’s call and avoid approaching him. This revelation raises serious questions about the fairness of the investigation and possible preferential treatment given to the Biden family.

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Thanks to the FBI’s tipoff and subsequent instructions, the interview with Hunter Biden did not take place. IRS and FBI investigators were denied the opportunity to question him as part of their investigation. The altered plans effectively protected Hunter Biden from potential legal consequences, leading many to wonder if there is a double standard for those connected to the political elite.

Explosive Whistleblower Allegations

IRS whistleblowers, prepared to testify before Congress, have made startling claims about the Biden administration’s interference in the criminal probe. They argue that not only did the FBI inform Hunter Biden, but they also alerted him to future searches for incriminating evidence. Additionally, Assistant U.S. Attorney Lesley Wolf allegedly impeded the investigation team’s inquiry into Joe Biden’s involvement, specifically advising against searching Joe Biden’s guest house in Delaware for the sake of “optics.”

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Attorney General Merrick Garland has firmly denied the allegations of interference in the Hunter Biden criminal tax probe made by the whistleblowers. However, the growing evidence and testimonies cast doubts on the objectivity and integrity of the investigation. All Americans should expect transparency and fairness, regardless of their political affiliations.

Hunter Biden’s Plea Deal

In June, Hunter Biden agreed to plead guilty to charges of federal tax violations and one gun law violation. While it is anticipated that the judge will accept the plea deal, Hunter Biden’s lawyer confidently asserts that this will protect the president’s son from further allegations of misconduct. This assertion has sparked intense debate as many question whether justice is being served or if influential connections are covering up wrongdoing.


The revelations surrounding the FBI’s involvement in warning Hunter Biden and obstructing the criminal investigation have stunned the American public. The alleged interference raises disturbing questions about the fairness of our justice system and the potential preferential treatment given to those in positions of power. As this story continues to unfold, it is crucial for Americans to demand transparency, accountability, and equal justice under the law. Share your thoughts on this troubling development and make your voice heard.

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