Title: Fatal Shooting Uncovered in San Jose Welfare Check: Elderly Woman and Child Found Deceased

During a scheduled welfare check in San Jose, California, local authorities made a grim discovery inside an apartment unit at the Vista Apartments complex. Sadly, the police found the lifeless bodies of a woman in her 70s and a 6-year-old boy. The incident is currently being treated as a homicide, and the San Jose Police Department is actively investigating the case.

Providing vital information about the incident, it was revealed that both victims had been shot and killed, according to a family member who spoke to FOX 2 San Francisco. However, the identity of the suspect, believed to be the child’s uncle and the woman’s nephew, remains unknown at this point.

The motive behind these tragic killings has yet to be determined. The family member who disclosed details about the suspect mentioned that he struggles with mental health issues, becoming agitated and disturbed when not under the influence of drugs.

This heart-wrenching incident brings the total count of homicides in San Jose to 24 this year. The local community, deeply affected by the news, expresses its condolences and shares concerns for the victims’ family.

As the investigation progresses, the San Jose Police Department will continue to provide updates and share additional information. In the meantime, the Vista Apartments complex has released a statement expressing its sympathies to the friends and family of the victims.

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