Chaos in Kosovo’s Parliament: Lawmaker Throws Water at Prime Minister in the Midst of a Heated Debate

In a session filled with tension, the parliament of Kosovo erupted into chaos when a member of the opposition party decided to throw water at Prime Minister Albin Kurti. The incident took place during a highly contentious debate about an audio recording that implicated a ruling party member and a Serbian official from the north. What followed was a violent brawl involving lawmakers from both sides, requiring the intervention of the police.

The Brawl Unveiled: Seeking to ease the tensions between the ethnic Albanians and the Serbian-majority north, a member of the opposition party approached the podium where Prime Minister Kurti was speaking and splashed water at him. This act triggered an immediate response, igniting fights between lawmakers from the opposition and the governing coalition.

Exploring the Audio Recording Controversy: The chaotic brawl occurred following a three-day public debate surrounding an audio recording featuring Mimoza Kusari-Lila, the chairwoman of Kurti’s party, and Serbian lawmaker Slavko Simic. In the recording, Kusari-Lila admitted to having conversations with Milan Radojcic, a Serbian official who is currently under U.S. sanctions for involvement in organized crime and corrupt activities, and is wanted by Kosovo authorities.

Unrest and Ethnical Tensions in the North: This controversy unfolds against the backdrop of ongoing unrest in the north, which has escalated ever since ethnic Albanian mayors assumed office after Serbs boycotted the April elections. The Serbian community demands the implementation of a ten-year-old autonomy deal. The population of Kosovo is primarily composed of ethnic Albanians (90%), with Serbs accounting for around 5%.

Efforts Made to Lower Tensions: Prime Minister Kurti recently reached an agreement with the European Union (EU) to reduce the police presence in the north and take other measures aimed at deescalating tensions. However, clashes between NATO peacekeeping forces and Serbian protesters have previously resulted in injuries on both sides.

End Result of the Chaos: The incident in Kosovo’s parliament, where a lawmaker threw water at the prime minister, triggered a disorderly brawl among lawmakers. This happened during a heated debate concerning an audio recording involving a member of the ruling party and a Serbian official who is under sanctions. Tensions between ethnic Albanians and Serbs in Kosovo’s northern region remain high, and efforts to resolve the situation are ongoing.

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