Cash App Faces Backlash for Alleged Discrimination Against Christian Pastor’s Account

In a highly controversial incident, a Christian pastor has come forward claiming that Cash App, a popular money-sharing platform, abruptly closed his account due to his opposition to LGBTQ issues and events. Pastor Rich Penkoski, who leads the online ministry Warriors for Christ, has been vocal about his religious beliefs and has actively protested against drag shows aimed at children. According to Penkoski, his Cash App account served as the financial backbone for his ministry’s travels, and he was shocked when he found himself locked out without any explanation.

After contacting the company, Penkoski was informed that he had violated the terms of service. However, when he pressed for more details, the representative failed to provide a satisfactory explanation. Interestingly, the representative later admitted that Penkoski hadn’t actually violated any terms, but his account was closed because Cash App disapproved of his intended use of the platform. According to the pastor, people would donate money through Cash App to support his ministry’s activities, such as traveling to Drag Queen Story Hour events or pride parades.

The situation escalated when Penkoski questioned if Cash App was targeting Christian accounts based on their app usage. The conversation ended abruptly after that, and Penkoski’s wife’s Cash App account was also shut down after he lost access to his own. As a result, the pastor expressed that his ministry has been severely impacted since Cash App was not only a means to receive donations but also a way for him to help others in need.

This incident is not the first time Penkoski has found himself in controversy. As a vocal opponent of LGBTQ issues, he previously faced a restraining order for protesting against an LGBTQ activist group in Oklahoma. The question arises whether Cash App is overstepping its boundaries by censoring the causes its platform can fund, or if this action is necessary to prevent potential discrimination. Share your thoughts on the matter.

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