Title: Mike Pence’s Presidential Campaign Gains Momentum with Record Donor Support

Former Vice President Mike Pence’s bid for the presidency has gained significant traction, surpassing 30,000 individual donors and positioning him for a spot on the upcoming Republican debate stage. The campaign remains confident in meeting the unique donor threshold of 40,000, further solidifying their position in the race.

Campaign Manager Anticipates a Strong Showing

Steve DeMaura, the campaign manager for Mike Pence, expressed unwavering confidence in the campaign’s prospects. Not only does he anticipate qualification for the first debate, but he is also optimistic about securing a position in the second debate scheduled for September. Despite entering the race later than some competitors in June, Pence’s campaign has seen consistent growth in donor support.

Building Strong Ground Game in Key States

Pence’s campaign team is particularly proud of their ground game efforts in crucial states such as Iowa and New Hampshire. DeMaura cited the campaign’s accomplishment of achieving 2,000 individual donors in a single day in late July. Since then, they have been averaging over 1,000 new donors daily. While the campaign has effectively utilized online strategies, they anticipate their robust grassroots donor base through mail contributions to play a substantial role in meeting their fundraising goals.

Fellow Candidates Already Qualified for the Debate

Joining Pence on the debate stage will be a range of qualified candidates, including former President Donald Trump, Governor Ron DeSantis, entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy, former Governor Nikki Haley, Senator Tim Scott, Governor Doug Burgum, and former Governor Chris Christie. The presence of these seasoned politicians adds further anticipation and excitement to the upcoming debates.

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