Title: Donald Trump Maintains Solid Lead in Early Primary States, Latest Poll Reveals

Subtitle: Ron DeSantis Gains Ground and Focuses on Key Battlegrounds

Former President Donald Trump continues to dominate the Republican primary race in Iowa, securing a substantial 25-point lead with 42% of the vote. Following behind is Florida Governor Ron DeSantis with 17% support, while other candidates trail significantly in the rankings.

Moving to South Carolina, Trump’s lead remains strong with a commanding 22-point advantage, garnering 43% of support among likely Republican primary voters. Governor Ron DeSantis secures second place with 21% support, while Senator Tim Scott takes third with 11%.

Trump also leads in New Hampshire with a significant margin, obtaining 34% support. However, Governor DeSantis trails behind with 13%, indicating the need to close the gap between the two candidates. Both Trump and DeSantis are strategically focusing their efforts on New Hampshire, recognizing its importance in the overall primary race.

While Trump’s support remains unwavering, with a solid 75-78% of his supporters expressing their commitment to him in each state, DeSantis faces a fluid situation. Approximately 59% of DeSantis’ supporters in Iowa are open to changing their minds, highlighting the shifting sentiments among his base.

In a head-to-head scenario between Trump and DeSantis, Trump maintains a comfortable lead in Iowa, South Carolina, and New Hampshire, with 11, 12, and 4-point margins respectively. However, DeSantis has an advantage in attracting voters who back other candidates, making him a potentially stronger contender against Trump in the general election.

Recognizing the importance of early primary states, the DeSantis campaign has strategically focused their efforts in Iowa, South Carolina, and New Hampshire. By allocating resources to these key battlegrounds, they aim to build momentum before revisiting investment in Super Tuesday states later in the election cycle.

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