Newsmax Acknowledges Election Results in Light of Trump Interview

Following a recent interview with former President Donald Trump, where he reiterated his belief that he won the 2020 presidential election, conservative news network Newsmax included a disclaimer to emphasize the legitimacy of the election results. Host Eric Bolling made it clear that Newsmax accepts the election results as legal and final.

During the interview, Trump discussed the potential indictment he may face in Georgia due to his efforts to challenge the election results. While reiterating his belief that the election was rigged, he also defended his actions.

This disclaimer comes at a time when Newsmax is facing legal challenges. Voting technology company Smartmatic has subpoenaed the network’s employees for their correspondence as part of a lawsuit regarding election coverage. Dominion Voting Systems has also sought communications between Newsmax employees and the Trump administration as part of a defamation lawsuit.

In addition to discussing the 2020 election, Trump expressed concerns about the upcoming 2024 presidential election and the possibility of it being “stolen.” He stressed the importance of preventing such a outcome and highlighted the significance of this election in the country’s history.

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