Josh Sills Acquitted of Charges, Allowed to Return to Philadelphia Eagles Roster

Philadelphia Eagles offensive lineman, Josh Sills, has been acquitted of the charges of rape and kidnapping, resulting in his removal from the NFL commissioner’s exempt list. The NFL has notified the Eagles about the decision, granting Sills the opportunity to rejoin the team’s active roster.

Official Statement from the Philadelphia Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles have released an official statement in light of the verdict, confirming that Josh Sills has been cleared of all charges and found not guilty. As a result, the NFL has removed him from the commissioner’s exempt list, allowing him to once again contribute to the team’s active roster.

Attorney Provides Statement on Sills’ Case

In a statement given by Josh Sills’ attorney, Michael Connick, he expressed his client’s relief and optimism about returning to the team. He emphasized that Sills can now put the legal matter behind him and focus on his football career and personal growth, living his life in an honorable manner.

Understanding the Allegations

The disturbing allegations against Josh Sills originated from an incident involving a female in Guernsey County, Ohio, on December 5, 2019. The accuser claimed that Sills had committed rape and kidnapping, leading to his indictment on these charges. Nevertheless, Sills’ attorney maintained the allegations to be unfounded and promised a robust defense.

A Lengthy Legal Battle Comes to an End

After a prolonged legal process, Josh Sills has been acquitted, bringing an end to the case. Throughout this period, Sills was placed on the NFL commissioner’s exempt list, preventing him from participating in the team’s activities. However, with the favorable verdict, Sills can now concentrate on returning to the field and making valuable contributions to the Eagles’ offensive line during training camp.

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