Greg Gutfeld Reveals His Late-Night Strategy and Dream Guests: A Fresh Take on Fox News’ Primetime Lineup

In a bold move, Greg Gutfeld, the driving force behind “Gutfeld!” and co-host of “The Five,” is shaking up Fox News with his new primetime lineup. With his show moving to the highly sought-after 10 p.m. ET slot, Gutfeld shares his plans to sustain success, addresses his critics, and unveils his dream guest. Brace yourself for a late-night domination like never before.

Sticking to a Winning Formula: “Gutfeld!” Takes on the 10 p.m. ET Slot

Despite achieving incredible ratings as the top show on cable news at 5 p.m. ET, Gutfeld is relocating his hit show “Gutfeld!” to the 10 p.m. ET slot without compromising its winning formula. Why fix something that’s not broken? Gutfeld’s confident approach ensures that viewers will remain captivated and engaged.

The Late-Night Game Changer: Gutfeld’s Reign over Colbert and Kimmel

Since its launch in 2021, “Gutfeld!” has revolutionized the late-night television landscape. In 2022, it became the first show to outperform CBS’ “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” since 2017. The program consistently exceeds competitors like “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and “The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon.” Gutfeld’s dominance in the late-night realm is a force to be reckoned with.

The Importance of Context in Gutfeld’s Entertainment and Conversation

Gutfeld understands that defending the indefensible, within reason, sparks valuable conversations and adds entertainment value. However, critics who rely solely on short social media clips may miss the subtleties of his sarcasm and humor. Context is key in comprehending his success. Despite the risk of being misinterpreted, Gutfeld remains determined to deliver the show he envisions.

Critics and Complainers: The Price of Gutfeld’s Teasing

While some individuals may take offense to Gutfeld’s on-air teasing, he confesses that he seldom receives direct complaints. Instead, he often hears rumors that someone on “The View” is upset. Nevertheless, Gutfeld believes that being teased is actually a compliment, as it signifies his playful and lighthearted approach.

Jokes without Limits: Gutfeld’s Fearless Approach

Gutfeld doesn’t dwell on jokes that may be considered off limits. He prefers not to confine his creativity by contemplating self-imposed boundaries. With his sharp wit and fearless style, he’s always prepared to push the envelope and keep viewers engaged.

“Punching Down” and Political Bias: Challenging the Double Standard

According to Gutfeld, the notion of “punching down” only seems to exist when liberals or the mainstream media are offended. He argues that conservatives and Republicans are expected to endure punches without objection. Gutfeld’s no-holds-barred approach seeks to challenge this prevalent double standard.

Dream Guests and Unanticipated Choices: Gutfeld’s Delightful Surprise

When asked about his dream guest, Gutfeld catches everyone off guard with a hilarious response: the surviving members of the beloved sitcom “Facts of Life.” Gutfeld’s wit knows no bounds, and his unexpected choices always keep viewers guessing.

Late-Night Domination Goals: Striving for Nothing Less than No. 1

As “The Five” claims the title of the most-watched show in cable news and “Gutfeld!” continues to dominate the late-night scene, Gutfeld has his sights set on long-term success. He sets the bar high, refusing to settle for anything less than the top spot in his primetime timeslot. Gutfeld aspires to conquer not just the night, but the entire world, and who knows, maybe even the universe.

Prepare to embark on Greg Gutfeld’s late-night journey as he takes over the 10 p.m. ET timeslot. Get ready for laughter, controversy, and entertainment that defies conventional boundaries. The Gutfeld revolution is on the horizon!

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