Gavin Newsom Introduces Constitutional Amendment to Regulate Gun Ownership: Newsom’s Reform Proposal

California Governor, Gavin Newsom, has put forward a novel amendment to the U.S. Constitution aiming to regulate gun ownership. The proposed twenty-eighth amendment, backed by the Democratic Governor, seeks to impose a waiting period on firearm purchases, ban firearms classified as “assault weapons” by Democrats, and establish universal background checks.

Redefining Gun Control Regulations Already in Place in California

Despite having existing gun control measures in effect, California witnessed the highest number of “active shooter incidents” in the country in 2021. The specifics regarding the proposed waiting period were not disclosed in Newsom’s office statement, other than emphasizing that it should be deemed “reasonable”. The statement also emphasized Newsom’s opposition to “assault weapons,” referring to them as “weapons of war our nation’s founders could not have predicted.”

Understanding the Process of Implementing an Amendment

Newsom’s proposed amendment additionally seeks to prevent individuals aged 18-20 from purchasing firearms. To successfully pass this amendment, Newsom requires the support of 34 state legislatures, encompassing both Democratic and Republican-led states. These legislatures must pass resolutions advocating for a constitutional convention to initiate the process of embedding the twenty-eighth amendment into the Constitution.

Exploring the Next Step: Newsom’s Vision for Enhanced Gun Control Measures.

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