Former Biden Donor Calls for Fair Treatment in Hunter Biden’s Plea Deal

Chris Tigani, a former donor to Joe Biden who served time in prison for illegal campaign donations, is speaking out against the plea deal of Hunter Biden. Tigani believes that Hunter should be held to the same legal standards that led to his own imprisonment.

Unveiling Illegal Campaign Donations

Back in 2007, Tigani was involved in fundraising for Joe Biden’s presidential campaign. Allegedly, he was encouraged by Dennis Toner, Biden’s campaign finance director, to bundle money by using contributions from employees and later reimbursing them from company funds in order to bypass donation limits.

Facing Legal Troubles and Cooperating

Tigani claims that he was unaware of the illegality of this practice and fully cooperated with the FBI during their investigation. He eventually pleaded guilty to charges related to election bundling and also faced tax-related charges.

Analyzing Hunter Biden’s Plea Deal

Hunter Biden’s plea deal involves misdemeanor tax counts as a means of avoiding a felony gun charge. However, the judge initially questioned the constitutionality of the agreement and the potential immunity that Hunter would receive.

Demanding Equality Under the Law

Tigani intends to submit an amicus brief, urging the court to consider the broader implications of a lenient sentence for Hunter. He argues that Hunter should not be granted preferential treatment solely due to his last name and that the impact on others who faced harsher consequences for similar offenses should be taken into account.

Investigation Launched by House Republicans

Expressing concerns about the provisions highlighted by the judge, House Republicans are initiating an investigation into the handling of Hunter Biden’s plea deal by the Justice Department.

Criticizing the Justice System

Tigani accuses the justice system of potentially shielding the Bidens and treating different cases unfairly, prompting doubts about the existence of a two-tiered justice system.

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