Former Attorney General Bill Barr: Trump Received Legal Warnings About Post-Election Consequences

During a recent interview on FNC’s “Your World,” former Attorney General Bill Barr revealed that he and other legal advisors had warned former President Donald Trump about the potential legal consequences of his post-election actions. Barr discussed his resignation on December 14, explaining that he believed the state votes had been certified and the legal process was complete. He expressed concerns over Trump’s rhetoric regarding the election results, particularly his endorsement of the “Big Lie.”

Barr further disclosed that Trump’s own lawyers within the White House had cautioned him about the possible legal entanglements he could face if he continued with his claims and actions. Despite these warnings, Trump persisted, leading to numerous legal challenges and issues. Barr emphasized that these consequences should not have come as a surprise to Trump or anyone else given the advice he had received.

When asked if Trump’s refusal to back down could be attributed to his belief in a just cause, Barr stressed that even if Trump felt wronged, it did not justify resorting to illegal means to rectify the situation. He drew an analogy to robbing a bank, explaining that one cannot break the law even if they believe they have been treated unfairly.

Barr’s remarks shed light on the legal warnings Trump received and the subsequent legal challenges he faced. His perspective underscores the importance of adhering to legal means when confronted with disputes or grievances.

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