Florida Man Arrested for Robbing Former Workplace Thanks to Standout Footwear

Incident Details: A robbery occurred at Crumbl Cookies in Brooksville, Florida, on July 20. The suspect, who was disguised with a black mask, black sweatshirt, black pants, and a brown and black backpack, managed to steal cash from both the bakery’s safe and cash register. However, what caught everyone’s attention in the surveillance footage was the suspect’s eye-catching red Crocs.

Identification and Arrest: The store’s manager identified the suspect as Jacob Ortega, an 18-year-old former employee renowned for always donning red Crocs and carrying a brown and black backpack. To track the suspect down, the police contacted the owner of a vehicle that was seen leaving the store’s parking lot around the time of the break-in. It was alleged that Ortega reached out to the vehicle owner for a ride to a drug deal, which ultimately led the police to him.

Confession and Use of Stolen Money: During questioning, Ortega confessed to the burglary and disclosed that he still remembered the access codes to the bakery’s side door, safe, and register from his previous employment. He also admitted to using the stolen money to purchase food and alcohol for his friends. The police even discovered a sum of cash in the vehicle that Ortega held onto from the robbery.

Charges and Bail: Jacob Ortega has been charged with burglary, grand theft, and unlawful use of a two-way communications device. Currently, he is being held in custody on a bond of $12,000. The distinct red Crocs worn by the suspect played a significant role in solving this bakery robbery case. Thanks to the cooperation of the vehicle owner and the recognition from the former manager, Ortega’s arrest and confession were made possible.

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