Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Shuffles Campaign Team Amidst Declining Momentum

After facing setbacks in both national and state-level polls, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has decided to make a significant change to his presidential campaign. Generra Peck, the previous campaign manager, has been replaced by James Uthmeier, who previously served as DeSantis’s office chief of staff. This shift in leadership comes as DeSantis’s campaign experiences a decline in momentum.

Despite the change, Peck will still play a role in the campaign as the chief strategist. The decision to replace the campaign manager was prompted by criticism from DeSantis’s advisors and donors. The campaign’s progress had stalled, and fundraising efforts were proving to be challenging.

DeSantis’s campaign has been struggling with lackluster poll performances and financial concerns. A leaked campaign memo in July revealed a strategy that focused on early states like Iowa, South Carolina, and New Hampshire, while reducing resources allocated to Super Tuesday states. The memo also expressed concerns about former President Donald Trump’s level of support and highlighted the importance of securing undecided voters.

To address these challenges, the campaign had to lay off several staff members and streamline operations. However, donors remained dissatisfied, and some withheld further support until changes were made within the campaign structure.

Recent polls have shown a decline in DeSantis’s popularity, both nationally and within individual states. However, the new campaign manager, Uthmeier, remains optimistic. He points to DeSantis’s past victories, such as his successful gubernatorial race in 2018, as evidence of his ability to overcome challenges and secure wins.

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