Father Pushes for “Alexandra’s Law” to Hold Fentanyl Dealers Accountable for Homicide

In a tragic turn of events, Matt Capelouto, a father from California, lost his daughter Alexandra to an accidental fentanyl overdose. Determined to bring justice to his daughter and others affected by this crisis, Capelouto is now advocating for a bill called “Alexandra’s Law.” This legislation aims to charge drug dealers with murder if their distribution of fentanyl leads to a fatality.

Capelouto believes that local law enforcement should treat fentanyl-related deaths as crimes from the moment they occur. He emphasizes the need to investigate these cases as homicides, as someone intentionally delivered a lethal poison. He criticizes the current laws in California and other states for failing to adequately address the severity of these situations.

The passing of Alexandra’s Law is of utmost importance to Capelouto, as he hopes it will prevent other families from experiencing the same heartbreak. However, the support of California Attorney General Rob Bonta is crucial in advancing this bill. Capelouto expresses disappointment in Bonta’s reluctance to meet with fathers of fentanyl poisoning victims and his lack of support for legislation that increases penalties for drug dealers.

Capelouto draws attention to the broader issue of fentanyl sourcing from China and distribution by Mexican drug cartels, making border control a critical aspect of combatting this crisis. He argues that if drug dealers within local communities cannot be stopped, addressing the international aspects of the problem becomes even more challenging. Capelouto emphasizes the low conviction rates for drug dealers and the alarming number of drug deaths that go unpunished, stating that allowing fentanyl dealers to operate without consequences enables them to continue taking innocent lives.

Matt Capelouto’s advocacy for “Alexandra’s Law” reflects a father’s determination to seek justice for his daughter and others affected by fentanyl-related deaths. By urging law enforcement to treat fentanyl overdoses as homicides and pressing for stronger laws, Capelouto aims to hold drug dealers accountable for their role in perpetuating the fentanyl crisis. He emphasizes that a comprehensive approach is necessary, including efforts to secure borders and combat international drug trafficking.

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