Controversial Reddit Post Urges Debate on Relationship Communication Regarding “Genius” Label


A recent post on the popular subreddit r/AmItheA**hole has caused a stir among Redditors, as user ThrowRA_genius sparked a heated discussion about their partner’s intelligence. The post sought advice on whether the user was wrong for refusing to call their girlfriend a “genius.” This sensitive topic ignited a passionate debate on the importance of communication in relationships.

The Story:

ThrowRA_genius, the author of the original post, shared a disagreement that occurred when their girlfriend asked to be referred to as a “genius” due to her high IQ score. However, the user felt uncomfortable with such a definitive label and questioned the motivation behind the request. Seeking objective opinions, they asked the Reddit community if they were in the wrong for not calling their girlfriend a genius.

User Dilemma:

ThrowRA_genius explained that they believed their girlfriend to be highly intelligent but didn’t feel comfortable assigning such a label. They expressed concerns about setting unrealistic expectations or fueling an unhealthy ego if they were to comply with their girlfriend’s request. The user acknowledged that this disagreement had been an ongoing issue in their relationship and had caused tension between them.

Critics and Supporters:

As the post gained attention, numerous Redditors voiced their opinions on the matter. Some argued that not labeling their partner as a “genius” was reasonable, emphasizing that it’s not necessary to explicitly assign intelligence to show love and respect. Others suggested that the girlfriend’s request may stem from insecurity rather than a genuine need for validation.

On the other side of the debate, some users believed that ThrowRA_genius should recognize their girlfriend’s achievements and respect her desire to be called a “genius.” They argued that refusing to do so could be seen as a lack of support, potentially causing harm or resentment in the relationship.

Relationship Communication and Mutual Understanding:

The discussion soon shifted to the broader topic of effective communication in relationships. Many emphasized the importance of open dialogue, compromise, and finding common ground to address disagreements constructively. Users advised ThrowRA_genius to have an honest conversation with their girlfriend, listen to her feelings and concerns, and work towards a compromise that satisfies both parties.


The AITA post on r/AmItheA**hole sparked an intriguing conversation about how couples navigate communication differences within their relationships. The question of whether labeling a partner as a “genius” is necessary or potentially harmful sparked mixed opinions among Redditors. The overall focus was on fostering open communication and finding a solution that takes into account the feelings and perspectives of both individuals.

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