Chilling Twist: Fugitive Criminal Found Dead in Abandoned Minnesota Home’s Freezer

In a shocking turn of events, authorities discovered the deceased body of Brandon Lee Buschman, a wanted criminal with an outstanding arrest warrant, inside a chest freezer in a vacant Minnesota house. Buschman had been evading law enforcement and had been missing for an unknown period of time. As the investigation unfolds, the mysterious circumstances of his death and confinement remain unclear.

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1. Vanished and On the Run: Witnesses in the Biwabik neighborhood reported seeing Buschman fleeing from the upstairs area to avoid potential police presence near the residence. The 34-year-old had an outstanding warrant, which likely motivated him to hide in the vacant property. The exact duration of his disappearance is unknown.

2. The Grisly Discovery: On June 26, Buschman’s lifeless body was found in a chest freezer within the abandoned house. The exact length of time he had been confined is a haunting question. The Gilbert Police Department, contracted with the city of Biwabik, is leading the investigation to unravel the perplexing circumstances surrounding his death.

3. Desperate Escape Attempt: Authorities revealed that Buschman willingly entered the older model chest freezer, which lacked an interior opening mechanism. Investigators made a chilling find – a metal lawn ornament rod had been placed from the inside, wedging it between the gasket and the freezer’s edge, effectively trapping Buschman inside by preventing him from operating the latch.

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4. Uncanny Vacancy and Utility Disconnection: The abandoned home had been unoccupied since February and lacked electricity and running water since April. The absence of basic utilities adds to the eerie atmosphere surrounding Buschman’s confinement, raising questions about how he managed to remain undiscovered in such desolate conditions.

5. Autopsy and Lingering Questions: Preliminary findings from the autopsy showed no signs of trauma or injury on Buschman’s body. However, toxicology reports from the Midwest Medical Examiner’s Office are pending, aiming to provide insights into potential substances in his system. The results may shed light on his cause of death and the circumstances surrounding his confinement.

A Troubled History: Buschman’s troubled past includes a series of convictions dating back to 2011, including charges of shoplifting, trespassing, operating a boat while intoxicated, and drug possession. His criminal background adds complexity to the investigation, prompting authorities to explore possible motives and connections.

Conclusion: The shocking discovery of Brandon Lee Buschman’s body in a chest freezer in an abandoned Minnesota home has left investigators with more questions than answers. As the Gilbert Police Department investigation progresses, the circumstances surrounding his death and the harrowing details of his confinement continue to captivate the community. Stay tuned for more updates as information emerges, shedding light on this perplexing case. Share your thoughts and theories in the comments below and join the discussion surrounding this disturbing incident.

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