Caitlyn Jenner Engages in Debate with Conservative LGBTQ Group Amidst Controversial Campaign Ad

Caitlyn Jenner, a transgender Republican, is currently involved in a heated dispute with the conservative LGBTQ+ advocacy organization known as Gays Against Groomers (GAG). This dispute arose after one of GAG’s board members, David Leatherwood, resigned, citing an “extremely anti-gay” campaign advertisement by GOP candidate Ron DeSantis as the reason for his departure. However, the clash between Jenner and GAG exposes deeper divisions within the group.

Leatherwood chose Twitter as the platform to announce his resignation, clarifying that it was a purely professional decision and that he harbored no ill feelings towards GAG or its members. He commended the organization’s mission and impact, while expressing his unwavering support for safeguarding children from what he defined as “indoctrination, medicalization, and sterilization.”

In response to Leatherwood’s announcement, Jenner swiftly pointed out discrepancies between his public rationale and the draft of the ad that was shared with her team. This public disagreement between Jenner and Leatherwood highlights the growing tensions within GAG.

Leatherwood, in his response to Jenner, directed blame towards GAG’s founder and far-right activist, Jaimee Michell. He voiced his concerns regarding Michell’s outspoken endorsement of DeSantis and the alleged presence of homophobia in the campaign ad. Leatherwood made it abundantly clear that he did not want to be associated with such sentiments and distanced himself from the organization.

Interestingly, Leatherwood’s comments align with Jenner’s own critique of Michell just a few days prior. Jenner had responded to a tweet by Leatherwood, making a distinction between “regular gay people” and “Alphabet extremists who push radical woke ideology.” In that tweet, Jenner mentioned her inability to affiliate with GAG due to Michell’s ties to DeSantis and her requests for collaboration on a pride month advertisement.

The clash between Jenner and GAG sheds light on the internal conflicts within conservative LGBTQ+ groups. It remains uncertain how this disagreement will impact the future of GAG and whether it will lead to more resignations or shifts in alliances. This clash underscores the complexity and diversity of perspectives within the conservative LGBTQ+ community.

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