Bomb Threats Targeting Target Stores Amidst LGBTQ Pride Merchandise Controversy

Several Target stores in different states have received bomb threats recently, all in the midst of a controversy surrounding LGBTQ Pride merchandise. The threats were directed towards the retailer, accusing them of betraying the LGBTQ+ community. Despite no explosives being found, these threats have only intensified tensions surrounding Target’s decisions related to Pride merchandise.

Incidents involving bomb threats were reported in Oklahoma, New York, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Louisiana, following earlier threats in Ohio, Utah, and Pennsylvania. These threats have emerged following public criticism over the way Target presented and merchandised their Pride items.

The controversy initially began when conservatives expressed their disapproval of Pride merchandise being prominently displayed at the front of Target stores, including items for children and adult products designed to accommodate different gender identities. However, the LGBTQ community also voiced their concern when Target reduced the visibility of these displays and removed certain items, citing safety reasons.

An email containing a threatening message was sent to news outlets in Vermont, New Hampshire, and New York, accusing Target of betraying the LGBTQ+ community and claiming that bombs had been placed in each of their locations. The email explicitly stated that the intention was to cause economic damage.

According to a Target insider who spoke to Fox News Digital, rank-and-file employees were unaware of the changes made to the Pride sections and the availability of certain items. The insider emphasized that decisions regarding Pride merchandising were made at higher levels within the company.

Furthermore, additional controversy has emerged due to Target’s partnership with GLSEN, an education group aiming to implement policies that keep parents uninformed about their child’s gender transition within schools. Target’s Pride collection has also been associated with Erik Carnell of Abprallen, a controversial designer known for his outspoken Satanist beliefs.

Since the start of this backlash, Target’s market capitalization has reportedly fallen by over $15.7 billion.

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