Biden Grants Secret Service Protection to Grandchildren, Uncertainty Surrounds Hunter’s Daughter

Amidst concerns surrounding Hunter Biden’s daughter, President Biden has affirmed that all his grandchildren are now under the protection of the Secret Service. However, the White House has not clarified whether this security detail includes his estranged grandchild from Hunter Biden. The President made this announcement during a speech commemorating the one-year anniversary of the PACT Act’s passage, a bill related to the Department of Veterans Affairs.

4-year-old Navy Joan Roberts, who is the daughter of Hunter Biden from an extramarital relationship, remains uncertain about her inclusion in the Secret Service protection. Conservative legal group Judicial Watch has filed a lawsuit requesting records on Secret Service protection for Roberts. The Secret Service responded to a Freedom of Information Act request by stating that they had found no relevant records, but they have refrained from commenting on specifics for security reasons.

President Biden only recently acknowledged Navy Joan Roberts, as she was born as a result of Hunter Biden’s relationship with Lunden Alexis Roberts. In July, Biden mentioned that he and his wife, Jill, are committed to doing what is best for all their grandchildren, including Navy. Hunter Biden and Roberts’ mother settled a child support case in June, finally concluding a lengthy paternity dispute.

The question of Secret Service protection for Biden’s grandchildren, particularly concerning Navy Joan Roberts, continues to evoke public interest and speculation, particularly due to the ongoing legal and familial complexities surrounding the matter.

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