AI-Driven Influencer Gains Attention on Dating Apps – Expert Raises Concerns About Deceptive Practices

Meet Milla Sofia, the virtual influencer making waves on social media with her fashionable photos and picturesque backgrounds. But before you get too invested, it’s important to know that Milla Sofia is not a real person. She is an artificial intelligence bot who openly acknowledges her virtual nature on her social media platforms and website. Despite this disclosure, many people have been captivated by her stunning appearance and have even expressed a desire to meet her in real life.

The Rise of AI-Generated Users: Milla Sofia is not an anomaly in the world of AI-generated users. This trend is on the rise not only in social media but also in the realm of online dating. These AI bots have become incredibly difficult to differentiate from real users, resulting in instances of catfishing where individuals are deceived by false profiles.

The Challenge of Identifying AI Bots: Alessandra Conti, a renowned matchmaker, explains that these AI bots are designed to look and sound remarkably authentic, making it challenging for users to distinguish them from real people. Many unsuspecting individuals, particularly those in the 35 and older age group, have fallen victim to catfishing by AI bots on dating apps.

Red Flags and Warning Signs: Conti advises users to be vigilant and watch out for certain red flags. One potential indicator of an AI bot is a sudden discussion about money, cryptocurrency, or investments early on in conversations. These bots aim to emotionally connect with users before introducing financial topics.

The Consent Issue: Some AI bots, such as CarynAI created by influencer Caryn Marjorie, operate with user consent and provide services for a fee. While this type of AI usage may be acceptable when consent is given, the real concern arises when unsuspecting older individuals are deceived by AI bots on dating apps, resulting in emotional distress.

Dating Apps and AI Bots: Even popular dating apps like Raya have experienced infiltrations by AI bots. Raya is known for its strict privacy rules and is frequented by celebrities and elite members. However, the presence of AI bots poses a risk to users’ experiences. The key is to remain cautious and verify the authenticity of other users to avoid falling into catfishing traps.

As AI technology continues to advance, differentiating between AI bots and real users becomes increasingly challenging. To protect themselves from potential deception, users are urged to exercise caution and remain vigilant, particularly when discussing financial matters with individuals they have not met in person. Being aware of the presence of AI bots on dating apps can help individuals navigate the digital dating landscape more safely.

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