Unreal Celebrity Influencer Raises Concerns as AI Creeps into Dating Apps

As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to advance, virtual influencer Milla Sofia has caught the attention of social media users with her captivating photos and posts. Despite clearly stating that she is an AI-powered fashion model, some individuals still mistake her for a real person, expressing their desire to meet her in person.

The prevalence of AI-generated profiles like Milla Sofia is on the rise, not just on social media platforms but also on dating apps. Experts have noted an increase in reports of encounters with AI bots in the dating world, leading to a new form of catfishing.

Alessandra Conti, a celebrity matchmaker, reveals the challenges involved in distinguishing AI bots from real individuals. These bots have become so advanced in their appearance and communication that even experienced users are deceived, resulting in emotional manipulation and deception.

Conti offers tips for identifying potential AI bots on dating apps. In addition to looking for clear disclosures, she warns users to be cautious of profiles that engage in financial discussions or promote investment opportunities. These can serve as red flags to watch out for.

Real-life influencer Caryn Marjorie has taken advantage of AI technology by creating an AI version of herself called CarynAI. She offers interactions with her AI persona for a fee, stating that CarynAI is an extension of her consciousness. While consensual AI interactions are accepted, the emergence of AI-generated profiles raises ethical concerns.

Even the exclusive dating app Raya, popular among celebrities and elites, has fallen prey to infiltration by AI bots. The increase in AI catfishing presents a challenge for users seeking genuine connections on dating platforms.

The advice from the celebrity matchmaker is clear: remain vigilant on dating apps and verify the authenticity of profiles. Avoiding financial transactions and focusing on building genuine connections can help users protect themselves from deceptive AI bots.

In conclusion, while AI can enhance user experiences, it also introduces new risks. Trust but verify should be the motto for dating app users, as vigilance and awareness are crucial for maintaining genuine connections and avoiding the pitfalls of AI-generated deception.

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