Uncovering the Troubling Legacy of the Sullivanians: A Unique Therapeutic Community on Manhattan’s Upper West Side

The Sullivan Institute: A Distinctive Gathering of Therapists and Patients

Delving Into the Sullivanians: Therapists, Patients, and a Distinctive Lifestyle

A Startling Revelation: Saul Newton’s Unconventional Concessions

Examining the Radical Beliefs of the Sullivanians

Prominent Figures within the Unique Sullivanian Community

Saul Newton’s Authoritative Leadership and Its Impact

Unconventional and Controversial Therapeutic Approaches of the Sullivanians

Saul Newton’s Troubling Allegations of Sexual Misconduct

The Downfall of the Sullivanians: Challenges and Dissolution

Michael Cohen’s Eye-Opening Experience with the Sullivan Institute

Lessons from the Sullivanians: The Perils of Unregulated Therapy Communities

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