Ukraine’s President Endorses Striking Targets in Russia

During his visit to Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky expressed his strong support for Ukraine’s right to target locations within Russia. This marks a significant shift in Ukraine’s stance on drone strikes, especially following a recent attack on Moscow that was attributed to Ukrainian forces.

Ukraine Alters Rhetoric on Drone Strikes
President Zelensky’s remarks signify a departure from Ukraine’s previous rhetoric surrounding drone strikes and explosions in Russia. Previously, Ukraine denied involvement and instead blamed Russian citizens attempting to overthrow the Putin regime, allowing for plausible deniability. However, the recent stance change suggests a more direct acknowledgment of Ukraine’s possible role in the attacks.

Introduction of Remote-Controlled “Sea Drones”
In addition to the drone strikes on Russian soil, Ukraine has unveiled remote-controlled “sea drones” aimed at the Russian Navy in the Black Sea. These small unmanned motor-boats carry explosives and are intended to target warships. This development further escalates tensions in the region.

Hope Amidst the Ongoing Conflict
Despite some underwhelming progress in the anticipated counter-offensive, President Zelensky remains optimistic about Ukraine’s position in the war. He believes that “Russian aggression has gone bankrupt on the battlefield.” However, Zelensky does caution against potential attacks on Ukraine’s energy sector and critical infrastructure.

Putin’s Stance on Cease-Fire Negotiations
Russian President Vladimir Putin has expressed his willingness to engage in cease-fire discussions with Ukraine. However, he insists that Ukraine’s forces must halt their offensive actions first. Putin argues that Russia cannot cease fire while under attack.

Peace Talks and International Engagement
A summit is reportedly being planned in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia to address the conflict, inviting representatives from various countries. However, Russia has not been included in these talks, raising doubts about the potential outcomes without their involvement.

Western Support and Saudi Arabia’s Surprising Role
The Biden administration recently announced increased military aid to Ukraine, indicating continued support for the country in the conflict. In a surprising turn of events, Saudi Arabia has emerged as a potential peace broker in the situation, assuming an unexpected role in the efforts for resolution.

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