Two US Navy Sailors Arrested for Endangering National Security Connected to China: New Title – “Arrests Made in Connection to National Security Threat with China”

The US Department of Justice (DOJ) has apprehended two American naval officers for their alleged involvement with China and their actions that posed a threat to national security. The specific identities of the sailors have not been made public.

Case 1: Arrested for Engaging in Espionage

One of the arrested sailors, who is stationed in San Diego and is 22 years old, is facing charges of espionage. The accusations stem from his alleged participation in a conspiracy to share sensitive military intelligence with a Chinese official.

Suspected Involvement of a Construction Engineer in a Conspiracy

The defendant, who works as a construction engineer, is believed to have worked jointly with an intelligence officer from the People’s Republic of China (PRC) to gather and transmit important military information related to naval operations. This includes operational orders and details about electrical systems.

Case 2: Accused of Conspiracy, Bribery, and Espionage

The second sailor, stationed near Los Angeles, has been charged with conspiracy, receiving a bribe from a Chinese official, espionage, and violating export control laws.

Transmission of Classified National Defense Information

According to the DOJ, this sailor allegedly collected and transmitted more than 50 manuals and documents containing technical and mechanical data about naval amphibious assault ships. These actions were apparently carried out under the direction of a PRC intelligence officer.

The Ongoing Threat of China to US National Security

Assistant Attorney General Matthew Olsen has highlighted the significant threat that China poses to national security. He emphasized that China’s audacity and extensive efforts to undermine US laws make it a distinctive adversary.

China’s Extensive Information Theft Operations

Olsen pointed out that China conducts widespread operations to steal classified information from both the US military and private businesses. This makes China a notable and formidable threat to the United States.

The Confidentiality of the Sailors’ Identities

While the cases against the two Navy sailors proceed, their identities remain confidential. As the investigation continues, updates on the matter are expected to be released, providing more information about the seriousness of their actions and their implications for national security.

Alarming Charges of Espionage

One of the arrested sailors faces charges of espionage, a highly troubling offense that involves sharing sensitive intelligence with a foreign official, specifically a counterpart from China.

Accusations of Conspiracy and Bribery

The other detained sailor is accused of engaging in a conspiracy and receiving a bribe from a Chinese official. These allegations encompass espionage and violations of export control laws, creating a major threat to national security.

China’s Unmatched Level of Threat

Assistant Attorney General Matthew Olsen has emphasized China’s audacity and extensive efforts to subvert US laws, setting it apart from other adversarial nations. The ongoing act of stealing information from both military and private sectors makes China a formidable adversary.

Investigation Continues

The investigation into these cases is ongoing, and further updates are expected to reveal the full extent of the actions taken by these individuals and the implications they have for national security.

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