Trump Discloses $2.8 Million Income from Crypto Investments

Former U.S. President, Donald Trump, has revealed a significant increase in income from his cryptocurrency holdings, as stated in a recent financial disclosure filed with the Federal Election Commission (FEC). The disclosure provides details about the money generated from an Ethereum wallet linked to the sale of Trump-branded non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

As Trump considers running for president again in 2024, he has submitted a new financial disclosure outlining the various sources of income that contribute to his campaign funds. These sources include businesses and properties, particularly a Miami-based company that owns golf courses and a resort valued at over $50 million. Collectively, these assets generated $145.8 million in income throughout 2022 and until the end of April this year.

According to FEC regulations, U.S. federal candidates must disclose the approximate value of specific assets and certain types of income within broad ranges. This includes dividends, capital gains, interest, rent, royalties, and other categories. Exact amounts of income from sources such as salaries and speaking fees must be disclosed as well.

The filing reveals that CIC Digital LLC, a company that licensed Trump’s image for NFTs, held an Ethereum wallet with a balance of at least $1 million. This wallet generated an income of $2.8 million. Interestingly, a previous filing in July indicated that CIC Digital’s wallet had no more than $500,000 and generated no income. At that time, the company’s fiat bank account had a balance of less than $1,000.

The NFTs in question, known as Trump Digital Trading Cards, depict the 45th U.S. president in various roles, including that of Superman. These cards were launched in December of the previous year, and the first batch sold out within hours.

While some potential contenders for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination, such as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Vivek Ramaswamy, have shown more favorable attitudes towards cryptocurrencies, Trump has not openly embraced assets like Bitcoin. During his presidency, he famously dismissed cryptocurrencies, saying their value was based on thin air.

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