Trump Contemplates Skipping GOP Primary Debate Over Fox News’ Unfavorable Depiction

Former President Donald Trump raised concerns over Fox News’ portrayal of him, specifically their usage of unappealing images that he found to be unflattering. On his social media platform, Truth, Trump expressed disappointment in the network for not showcasing polls that indicate his lead against Biden and accused them of intentionally selecting the “worst pictures” of him.

This is not the first instance where Trump has voiced his criticism towards Fox News for their representation of him. In response to the issue, he suggested once again that he may consider skipping the upcoming GOP presidential primary debate, which is hosted by Fox News. Trump drew parallels to his past experience in the 2016 election and questioned the network’s handling of his appearance. He implied that if they continue to present him in this manner, he may choose to abstain from participating in the debate altogether.

Despite the potential absence of Trump, the debate moderators, including Bret Baier, acknowledged that his presence and influence will still be evident in the discussions. Trump’s remarks underscore the tension between his self-perception and how the media portrays him, highlighting his willingness to leverage his influence even if he decides not to physically partake in the debate.

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