Title: Trump’s PAC Covers Legal Expenses for 2020 Election Probes, Excludes Giuliani

Donald Trump’s political action committee (PAC), Save America, is assisting with legal costs for various individuals involved in investigations surrounding the 2020 election, including the former president himself. However, one prominent figure missing from the list of beneficiaries is Rudy Giuliani. Despite his vocal support for Trump during the post-election disputes, Giuliani has reportedly amassed over $3 million in legal debts without substantial financial assistance from the PAC.

Recently, a Georgia grand jury indicted Trump, Giuliani, and other Trump allies for their efforts to overturn the election results. Even prior to this indictment, Giuliani had requested financial aid from Trump, making a plea at Mar-a-Lago in April. Nevertheless, the PAC’s support towards Giuliani has been noticeably limited. While it did contribute $340,000 to settle a bill with a data vendor on Giuliani’s behalf, the majority of his legal fees remain uncovered by the PAC. Both Giuliani and the Save America PAC have not immediately addressed these observations or provided comments upon request.

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