Title: Obama Advises Biden on the Strengths of Trump’s Candidacy

Former President Barack Obama held a private meeting with President Joe Biden in June to discuss the upcoming 2024 election. During the meeting, Obama warned Biden about the formidable nature of former President Donald Trump as a candidate. The conversation revolved around Trump’s dedicated base of supporters, the Trump-friendly conservative media landscape, and the polarized state of the country, which could make Trump a strong opponent.

A Pledge of Support for Biden’s Re-Election

In addition to discussing Trump’s political strengths, Obama pledged his support to campaign alongside Biden for his 2024 re-election bid. Expressing concern about the challenges Biden might face, Obama promised to stand by Biden’s side and help him overcome the obstacles posed by Trump’s loyal following.

A Broad Discussion with No Specific Agenda

The private lunch between Obama and Biden was part of their regular “catch-up” meetings, where they cover a wide range of topics including politics, policies, and personal matters. Although the specific agenda for the June 27 meeting was not disclosed, Trump’s polling numbers and his influence over the Republican Party were major focal points of the discussion.

Revisiting Obama’s Successful Election Strategy

Obama’s aides revealed that he plans to revisit his successful election playbook from previous campaigns. This strategy includes holding large rallies in swing states, hosting fundraisers for Biden and other Democratic candidates, creating ads for competitive congressional races, and engaging with young voters through unconventional platforms like ESPN’s Manningcast and collaborations with TikTok influencers.

Fundraising Efforts for Biden’s Campaign

Sources familiar with Obama’s campaign plans have indicated that he will begin fundraising for Biden this fall. The focus will be on finding creative ways to reach new audiences and mobilize voters, ensuring a strong financial foundation for Biden’s campaign.

Biden Expresses Gratitude for Obama’s Support

TJ Ducklo, Biden’s campaign spokesperson, conveyed gratitude for Obama’s unwavering support. The Biden campaign looks forward to campaigning side-by-side with Obama in order to secure victory in the 2024 election and achieve their objectives for the American people.

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