Title: Lawsuit Filed against Atlanta Popeyes: Woman Attacked in Drive-Thru Over Order Mistake

Introduction: A lawsuit has been initiated against a Popeyes restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia, following an alleged attack on a woman who attempted to fix her order in the drive-thru. Occurring in September 2022, the incident left Denetra Dawson bruised and missing a chunk of her hair.

The Incident: Denetra Dawson sought assistance to correct her order but was met with aggression from the employees. The situation escalated when one employee entered Dawson’s vehicle through the passenger door and physically assaulted her. Three employees were reportedly involved, leading Dawson to use her gun in self-defense. She promptly informed the Atlanta Police of the traumatic incident.

Charges and Allegations: Battery charges were filed against two individuals, Tenice Taylor and a minor, while Tenister Evans faces a misdemeanor obstruction of an officer charge. The lawsuit targets both the alleged attackers and the restaurant’s owning company. The plaintiff’s attorney asserts that the restaurant’s manager had a history of violence, suggesting negligence in Popeyes’ hiring practices and background checks.

Impact on the Victim: Denetra Dawson carries physical and emotional scars from the attack, particularly due to the assailants tearing out a braid from her hair, which significantly impacted her self-identity and hairstyling choices.

Response from Popeyes: Popeyes strongly condemns any form of violence within its restaurants, emphasizing a zero-tolerance policy. The franchisee of the implicated restaurant acknowledged the incident and promptly terminated the involved employees. However, as the lawsuit is ongoing, Popeyes refrains from disclosing further information.

Conclusion: This disturbing incident at an Atlanta Popeyes emphasizes the importance of ensuring customer safety and conducting thorough background checks when hiring employees. Denetra Dawson’s traumatic experience has sparked a legal battle, holding both the alleged attackers and the restaurant chain accountable. The lawsuit seeks to underscore the company’s responsibility in protecting its patrons and preventing future violent incidents.

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