Title: John Bolton Disputes Allegations of DOJ Bias Against Trump’s Administration

Former National Security Adviser addresses concerns of political bias within the Department of Justice (DOJ) towards Donald Trump’s presidency.

Republicans Express Doubts about Justice Department’s Approach
Several Republicans in Congress voice their skepticism regarding the DOJ’s alleged double standards in targeting Trump for political reasons.

Bolton’s Stance on Special Counsel Investigations
Bolton shares his long-standing opposition to the concept of special counsel investigations but denies any misuse of the DOJ’s powers against Trump.

Bolton Raises Concerns about Hunter Biden’s Treatment
Bolton highlights the importance of fairness and equal treatment when considering Hunter Biden’s case in relation to the actions of the DOJ.

Advocating for Justice, Not Revenge
Bolton emphasizes the importance of upholding the law and prosecuting any unlawful actions, rejecting revenge as a valid motive.

Discussing Allegations of Manipulation within the DOJ
Bolton defends the independence of special counsel investigations while acknowledging potential constitutional concerns.

Republicans Cautious about the DOJ’s Intentions
Concerns raised by Republicans indicate a perceived bias within the DOJ, with allegations of politically motivated targeting of Trump.

Bolton Questions the DOJ’s Handling of Hunter Biden’s Case
Bolton raises doubts about the impartiality of the DOJ’s treatment towards Hunter Biden, emphasizing the need for fairness.

Analyzing the Role of a Special Counsel
Despite his reservations, Bolton clarifies that he does not believe the DOJ is misusing its powers in this specific case.

Advocating for Fairness and Equality in the Judicial System
Bolton advocates for a justice system that treats all individuals equally, emphasizing the importance of prosecuting any violations.

Concerns About Potential Bias and Unfairness
Bolton acknowledges the potential for bias resulting from the independent actions of a special counsel within the constitutional framework.

Bolton Refutes Allegations of Weaponization by DOJ
Bolton dismisses claims of the DOJ being weaponized against Trump, asserting that such accusations lack a factual basis.

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