Title: Inmate on the Run: Manhunt for Escaped Convict during Extradition

Title: Authorities Intensify Search for Fugitive-Suspect on the Loose

Title: Hunt for Escaped Inmate Sparks Extensive Investigation

Title: Airport Operations Unfazed as Law Enforcement Scours for Fugitive

Title: Evasive Fugitive Keeps Authorities on High Alert

Title: Inmate Eludes Police Custody in Extradition Mishap

Title: Law Enforcement Agencies Diligently Seek Escaped Inmate

Title: Ongoing Investigation Pursues Escaped Convict

Title: Manhunt Fails to Impact Airport Operations

Title: Vigilance Heightens as Escaped Inmate Remains at Large

Title: Authorities Continue Search for Escaped Georgia Inmate

Title: Efforts Continue to Locate Escaped Convict near Savannah-Hilton Head International Airport

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