Title: Homelessness Crisis Soars as Biden Urges Funding for Housing Programs

Amidst a troubling increase in homelessness across the country, President Joe Biden is pushing for funding from American taxpayers to implement a large-scale housing initiative for undocumented immigrants throughout the United States. According to recent data analyzed by the Wall Street Journal, over 577,000 Americans are currently without a home, marking an alarming 11 percent rise compared to the same period last year. This surge is unprecedented, representing the most significant increase since data tracking began in 2007 (excluding the pandemic-related count disruptions in 2020). Disturbingly, nearly 150,000 of these individuals are classified as chronically homeless, having experienced life on the streets for at least a year while dealing with mental health challenges.

Meanwhile, President Biden is urging Congress to approve hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayer funds to support a housing development effort aimed at helping border crossers and undocumented immigrants released into the United States. The proposed funding would empower Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas to utilize over $750 million to establish community-based residential facilities similar to halfway houses. These facilities would provide free housing and limited freedom of movement within specified hours for border crossers and undocumented immigrants. In addition to housing, the funds would also cover medical services, legal assistance for deportation cases, educational resources, counseling, and connections to social services.

A significant portion of the allocated funds is expected to go towards left-leaning non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that have received federal contracts tied to the increase in illegal immigration in recent years. As the homeless population continues to rise and border crossers and undocumented immigrants potentially receive extended housing support, data reveals that less than 20 percent of them face deportation proceedings after being released into the United States, indicating the possibility of prolonged stays within the housing project.

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