Title: Former City College Professor Faces Charges for Exploiting Immigrants from El Salvador

Jorge Alberto Ramos, a former adjunct professor of chemistry at City College, has been arrested in the Bronx for sexually assaulting three women from El Salvador. The allegations state that Ramos deceived the women by promising them a better life and opportunities in the United States, only to subject them to rape and sexual assault upon their arrival.

According to authorities, this scheme occurred between 2013 and 2023. During this time, Ramos built trust with the victims by expressing concern for their families, sending them gifts, and providing financial support. The charges against Ramos include inducement to travel for unlawful sexual activity, transportation for unlawful sexual activity, conspiracy to engage in human smuggling, human smuggling, and harboring an alien.

During his preliminary court appearance, Ramos agreed to remain in custody until a bail proposal can be presented. If convicted, he could face a significant prison sentence. It is important to note that Ramos has not been associated with City College since 2009, according to the school’s spokesperson.

The indictment reveals disturbing details of the victims’ experiences. One woman, who believed she was in a romantic relationship with Ramos, was forced into unwanted sexual encounters after securing a job in the US. The second victim was held by US Customs and Border Protection until Ramos paid for her release. Once in New York, she was coerced into engaging in sexual acts under the threat of deportation. The third victim, promised a non-romantic relationship, was repeatedly raped after being smuggled into New York.

US Attorney Damian Williams expressed his concern, stating that Ramos preyed on vulnerable women, exploiting them for his own sexual gratification. The victims were led to believe that they would find educational and other opportunities in the US, only to face traumatizing abuse.

This case sheds light on the susceptibility of immigrants to exploitation and emphasizes the need to address these heinous crimes in order to protect the most vulnerable members of society.

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