The Hill’s Erroneous Reporting on Tulsi Gabbard’s Presidential Campaign

Former Hawaii Representative Tulsi Gabbard was misrepresented by The Hill in a recent article discussing her run for presidency. The news outlet erroneously labeled her as a Republican candidate in the 2020 election, when in fact she sought the Democratic Party’s nomination. Gabbard has a history of aligning with the Democratic Party, campaigning for their presidential nomination and endorsing eventual Democratic candidate Joe Biden. The Hill’s reporter, Joe Jacquez, falsely portrayed Gabbard as a Republican contender in an article discussing her disagreement with musician Jack White. It is important to note that while Gabbard did announce her departure from the Democratic Party and identified as an independent, she never identified as a Republican. The Hill’s misleading portrayal of Gabbard as a Republican candidate was amplified on social media, prompting swift backlash and highlighting the importance of accurate reporting.

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