The Devastating Impact of a Slow Police Response

Mary Costantino shares her harrowing experience of being suddenly attacked and knocked unconscious. She highlights the importance of prompt police response and holds the city accountable for failing to prioritize public safety.

A Brave Intervention and Gratitude

Costantino recounts the moment when a friend courageously stepped in to protect her during the unprovoked attack. She expresses gratitude for their intervention, as it potentially prevented further harm.

A Growing Concern: Lengthy Police Response Times

Over the years, Portland has been grappling with increasingly long police response times. With officers arriving at the scene 20 minutes after the attack, concerns arise about the city’s ability to effectively address emergencies and ensure public safety.

The Struggles Faced by the Portland Police Bureau

Lieutenant Nathan Sheppard acknowledges the various staffing challenges faced by the Portland Police Bureau. With a significant shortage of officers and high call volumes, the bureau is stretched thin in their efforts to protect the community.

Reevaluating Public Safety and Voting Choices

Costantino’s traumatic experience forces her to reevaluate her perception of public safety in Portland. She raises concerns about city officials’ decisions, such as defunding the police, and how it has influenced her voting decisions.

A Call for Change and Increased Recruitment Efforts

Despite the obstacles, ongoing efforts to hire more police officers give hope for improvement. Portland residents are demanding better public safety conditions and the assurance of being able to navigate the city without fear of assault.

The Personal Toll and Community Impact

Costantino’s story serves as a poignant reminder of how public safety issues affect individuals and the community as a whole. The incident has left her heartbroken and emphasizes the urgent need for a safe environment that protects every citizen.

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