Texas Rangers Take Different Approach to LGBTQ Inclusivity in Major League Baseball

While many Major League Baseball (MLB) teams are proudly showcasing their support for the LGBTQ community during Pride Month, one team stands apart. The Texas Rangers, based in Arlington, have decided not to hold a designated Pride Night game or alter their logos with rainbow pride colors.

This is not a recent decision for the Rangers. In fact, they have not hosted any LGBTQ events, celebrations, or games since an informal gay night back in 2003, which received both support and protest from attendees. In 2021, the team’s Chief Operating Officer, Neil Leibman, addressed the issue by highlighting the team’s focus on internal changes to enhance inclusivity in their hiring practices. According to Leibman, these changes hold more weight than a one-time event.

Criticism has come from LGBTQ activists and supporters, who feel that the Rangers still have a long way to go compared to other professional sports teams when it comes to LGBTQ inclusivity. Rafael McDonnell, representing the LGBTQ Resource Center, expressed disappointment in the team’s decision.

The Texas Rangers have chosen to take a different path from other MLB teams by not participating in Pride Month celebrations. Their decision has sparked an ongoing conversation about LGBTQ inclusivity in professional sports.

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