Texas Congressman Introduces Proposal for American Pride Month

To celebrate the remarkable achievements of the United States, Congressman Wesley Hunt, a Republican from Texas, has put forth a resolution to designate July as ‘American Pride Month.’ This resolution is seen as a response to the widely celebrated ‘Pride Month’ in June.

The resolution is set to be introduced this Friday and, if approved, would provide all Americans with the opportunity to honor and express pride in their country throughout the month of July.

The resolution’s text, which has been shared with Breitbart News ahead of its official introduction, emphasizes the importance of using July to “celebrate, commemorate, and raise awareness of the immense accomplishments of the United States of America and the countless patriots throughout its history who have made this nation the beacon of hope for the world.”

Furthermore, the resolution advocates for a return to “American exceptionalism” and aims to educate young Americans about the nation’s history and what it truly means to be a citizen of the United States.

As part of a social media campaign, Congressman Hunt plans to share daily pro-America tweets throughout July, using the hashtag #AmericanPrideMonth. A video promoting this campaign, provided to Breitbart News prior to its public release, highlights the significance of valuing and teaching American freedoms and history.

In an exclusive statement to Breitbart News, Hunt, a West Point graduate and former Army Aviation Branch Officer, drew attention to President Reagan’s belief in the importance of teaching history to the youth. He expressed concern about the growing divisiveness in the country and the replacement of American pride with “woke ideology” and “cultural tribalism.”

Hunt argued for the dedication of an entire month to celebrating American Pride, drawing a parallel to the recognition of ‘Pride Month’ in June. He shared his personal connection to American exceptionalism and expressed his desire for future generations to acknowledge its significance.

The congressman concluded by emphasizing the importance of celebrating and teaching American history, stating, “Only in America can the great-great-grandson of a slave become a United States Congressman in a handful of generations.”

This proposed resolution arrives at a time when some believe traditional patriotism is waning amid the rise of “woke” initiatives. A WSJ poll from March indicated a significant decline in patriotism, along with other traditional American values, over the past 25 years.

At the same time, Pride Month is recognized by a relatively small portion of the U.S. population, according to a Gallup survey from last year. Despite these statistics, LGBT activists and the Biden administration have expressed strong support for Pride Month and the transgender community, a stance that has faced criticism from individuals like Hunt.

New Title: Proposal for July Designated as American Pride Month in Texas

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