Texas Brush Fire Devours 120 Acres, Leaves Apartment Building in Ruins

A massive brush fire that broke out in Cedar Park, Texas, has consumed approximately 120 acres of land and completely destroyed an apartment building. Two other apartment buildings also suffered damage from the raging fire. The incident unfolded when the Cedar Park Fire Department swiftly responded to reports of a grass fire near 12820 West Parmer Lane. Despite their prompt intervention, the fire continued to spread uncontrollably as of 10:30 p.m. on Tuesday night, according to the Texas A&M Forest Service.

As a result of the growing blaze, the authorities had to evacuate individuals from the affected area, including residents of the Bexley at Silverado apartment complex and the Whitestone Landing neighborhood. Adjacent businesses were also forced to evacuate. Fortunately, there were no significant injuries, although one minor did sustain injuries. Firefighters are working tirelessly to monitor the surroundings for any potential spot fires, while the Texas A&M Forest Service is actively creating a containment line in an effort to control the brush fire.

Multiple agencies are collaborating in the emergency response, with resources being deployed from Cedar Park and over 20 state and local entities. Authorities have urged residents to stay away from the vicinity and avoid using associated roadways, such as E. Whitestone Boulevard and West Parmer Lane. In the midst of the crisis, the Red Cross is extending assistance to those affected by the fire, including organizing shelters for the displaced individuals.

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