Surge in Crime Prompts Oakland Police to Recommend Unconventional Safety Measures

The city of Oakland, California, has experienced a significant rise in crime rates, leading local law enforcement to offer alternative recommendations for residents seeking protection. With a 41% increase in burglaries and over 20% in robberies, authorities suggest the use of airhorns as a deterrent against criminals. Additionally, the installation of security bars on doors and windows is being advised to enhance home security.

Residents of Oakland have become increasingly concerned about the spike in criminal activity and are taking precautionary actions to protect themselves. Many have opted to keep airhorns at their disposal, recognizing the need for unconventional safety measures. Toni Bird, an Oakland resident, emphasized the importance of such precautions, as crimes appear to be targeting vulnerable individuals.

In a recent incident, a 75-year-old woman defended herself against two armed intruders by utilizing an airhorn and a .357 Magnum revolver. She fired a shot at the intruders, causing them to respond with multiple shots before ultimately fleeing. Miraculously, the woman escaped the encounter unscathed.

The adoption of tactics like using airhorns serves as a reminder that residents must remain vigilant amidst the increasing criminal activity under the city’s Democratic leadership. As crime rates continue to surge, taking proactive measures becomes essential for personal safety.

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