Struggling with Trust Issues: Considering the Future of My 2-Year Relationship


In this Reddit post from the r/relationships subreddit, a user seeks advice on the dilemma of whether to continue in their two-year relationship that has been plagued by feelings of insecurity and mistrust. The individual is worried about their partner’s secretive behavior and lack of communication, which has led them to question the viability of their future together.

Background Information

The user provides context by explaining that they have been in a committed relationship for two years. Initially, they were happy and content, but over time, their partner’s behavior has changed. They now describe instances of secrecy and a general lack of transparency, which has left them uncertain and doubting the future of their relationship.

Signs of Insecurity and Mistrust

The user goes into detail about the signs that have contributed to their growing feelings of insecurity and mistrust. They mention their partner’s excessive possessiveness over their phone, always keeping it locked or facing down. Furthermore, there have been suspicious phone calls that their partner dismisses quickly. These behaviors have fueled suspicion and a persistent sense of distrust, causing significant distress in the relationship.

Lack of Communication

One major concern for the user is the lack of open communication with their partner. They feel shut out and unable to discuss their insecurities. Despite attempts to address these concerns in the past, their partner deflects or becomes defensive, avoiding any meaningful conversation about the issues at hand. The absence of healthy communication channels exacerbates the user’s unease.

Seeking Advice and Perspectives

Feeling lost and uncertain about the future of their relationship, the individual turns to the Reddit community for guidance. They express a desire to understand others’ perspectives and gather insights that may help them evaluate whether leaving the relationship is the best decision. While recognizing the difficulty of such a choice, they hope that fellow Redditors can bring clarity through their collective wisdom.

Comments and Suggestions

Redditors respond with various opinions and advice. Some share their personal experiences with similar relationship issues and empathize with the original poster’s situation. They urge the user to trust their instincts, emphasizing the importance of open communication and setting boundaries in any partnership. Others suggest seeking professional couples therapy as a means to address the underlying problems and salvage the relationship if both parties are willing to put in the effort.

Reflecting on the Feedback

The user reflects on the diverse comments received, acknowledging the significance of self-worth and the role of trust in a relationship. They appreciate the shared insights and recognize that leaving the relationship might be the healthiest decision for their emotional well-being. The user expresses gratitude for the supportive Reddit community and the different perspectives provided, offering valuable insights into their situation.


In this Reddit post, a user contemplates the possibility of ending their two-year relationship due to increasing insecurity and mistrust caused by their partner’s secretive behavior and lack of communication. Seeking advice and perspective from the r/relationships community underscores the importance of open communication and trust in any partnership. Ultimately, the user recognizes that deciding the fate of their relationship is deeply personal, but values the support and insights gained from fellow Redditors.

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