Stephanie Grisham Expresses Alarm at Trump’s Disturbing Social Media Message

Former White House Press Secretary, Stephanie Grisham, has recently voiced her concerns regarding a recent social media post made by former President Trump. Grisham finds the message alarming and raises questions about the potential consequences of such online intimidation.

Trump’s Plea in the Face of Pending Indictment

This social media post follows Trump’s not guilty plea in the federal charges accusing him of involvement in attempts to overturn the 2020 election results. Furthermore, an indictment in Georgia may be looming. In response, the Department of Justice has requested a protective order to restrict the dissemination of case-related information due to Trump’s previous social media posts concerning those involved.

Apprehension Surrounding Online Intimidation

Grisham, who herself has received death threats, emphasizes the fear-inducing impact of Trump’s posts on individuals who have publicly opposed him. She wonders if people will take these forms of online intimidation seriously before someone gets hurt. Concerns are also raised regarding Trump’s campaign ads that target the prosecutors involved in the indictments.

Trump’s Interplay with Freedom and Fundraising

In light of the charges, Trump claims that they are an effort to stifle his freedom and silence his supporters. He has embarked on a fundraising campaign using the indictments as a rallying point, with campaign finance records revealing substantial expenditures on legal expenses.

Grisham’s Testimony and Previous Allegations

Grisham, a witness before the House Jan. 6 committee, has previously accused Trump of sexually harassing employees. Her testimony has shed light on additional concerns surrounding Trump’s behavior during his time in office.

In summary, Stephanie Grisham has expressed her troubling apprehension at Trump’s recent social media post, highlighting its potential to intimidate and put those who dare to speak against him in danger. The Department of Justice is seeking protective measures due to Trump’s online posts targeting individuals involved in the case. Meanwhile, Trump persists in asserting his position on freedom and gathers funds to cover his legal expenses as the legal proceedings unfold.

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