Sophia Bush Takes Legal Action to End Marriage with Grant Hughes Following 13 Months Together

Actress Sophia Bush, famously known for her role in “One Tree Hill,” has initiated divorce proceedings against her entrepreneur husband, Grant Hughes. The legal documents were recently filed in the court of Los Angeles County, with the grounds for separation being cited as dissolution without any minor children involved.

The Conclusion of a One-Year Union

The news of their impending divorce comes merely seven weeks after the couple joyously celebrated their first wedding anniversary. Hughes had previously shared affectionate photos of the couple on his Instagram, expressing his elation for the future they had planned together.

A Proposal by the Shores of Lake Como

Bush and Hughes became engaged in the picturesque Lake Como, Italy, in August of the preceding year. The engagement was marked with a heartfelt social media post by Hughes, where he referred to Bush as his eternal favorite.

One Year Later – A Wedding in Oklahoma

Approximately a year after their engagement, the couple exchanged vows in the home state of Hughes, Oklahoma. Before their engagement, they even underwent a couples coaching program to assess if they were ideally suited for one another.

From an Unconventional First Date to the Present

Their journey as a couple encompassed a series of distinctive experiences, such as their first date amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, during which they underwent COVID-19 testing together.

Though their marriage has come to an end, both Sophia Bush and Grant Hughes have consistently shown love and admiration for one another during their time together. “

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