San Francisco Sheriff’s Office Emphasizes Loyalty to American Flag Following Criticism of Pride Flag Salute

A video capturing San Francisco first responders saluting the “Progress Pride” flag has gained significant attention, sparking controversy among conservative circles on social media. The San Francisco Sheriff’s Office shared the video on their social media platforms, documenting their annual Pride flag-raising ceremony.

This year, law enforcement officials decided to raise the Progress version of the Pride flag. The viral video showcases uniformed officers from the Sheriff, Police, and Fire Departments solemnly saluting the LGBTQ flag as it is raised above a county jail. Accompanying the visuals are the words, “A call for unity, visibility, equality,” displayed on a rainbow uniform patch.

The video, which was shared by a conservative Twitter account and labeled as “disgusting,” has accumulated over two million views as of Thursday. Numerous responses criticized the law enforcement officers for their presumed political stance.

The Progress Pride flag incorporates elements that represent racial and transgender identities alongside the traditional rainbow flag. Black and brown stripes represent people of color, while blue, pink, and white stripes symbolize the transgender flag.

In response to the backlash, Sheriff Paul M. Miyamoto clarified that the specific version of the rainbow flag was chosen to reflect “the diversity and inclusivity of our community.” He emphasized that LGBTQ Pride is one of the department’s fundamental values.

The Sheriff’s Office issued a statement to Fox News Digital to further clarify their position. They stated, “The only flag we honor and wear on our uniform is the American flag. The core values of the San Francisco Sheriff’s Office are service, professionalism, and pride.” The office reiterated their commitment to inclusivity and confirmed their intention to continue raising the Rainbow flag at the County Jail each year to support their LGBTQ+ members.

This controversy arises following last year’s decision by San Francisco Pride Parade organizers to prohibit officers from wearing their uniforms during the event. The ban was a response to a 2019 confrontation involving protesters opposing police presence and corporate sponsorship. Last year, the Sheriff’s Office released a video featuring several officers identifying as transgender, queer, or gay, advocating for their right to march in uniform during the annual Pride Parade.

New Title: San Francisco Sheriff’s Office Affirms Loyalty to American Flag Amidst Criticism over Pride Flag Salute

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