Republican Representative Lesko Criticizes Biden’s Border Policies, Highlights Harm to Migrants: Report Reveals Significant Increase in Border Crossings

Representative Debbie Lesko, a Republican from Arizona, expressed her disapproval of the Biden administration’s border policies following a recent report by The Washington Post. According to the report, there has been a 30% surge in illegal border crossings in July 2023, resulting in around 40,000 arrests in the Tucson sector, reaching a 15-year high.

Lesko attributed this increase in border crossings to the policies implemented by the Biden administration, arguing that they not only have an impact on American citizens but also cause harm to migrants attempting to cross the United States-Mexico border. Speaking from her firsthand experiences visiting the border, Lesko highlighted concerning issues such as the prevalence of sexual assault and human trafficking affecting young migrants.

Lesko’s stance is clear – she firmly believes that the border policies put forth by the Biden administration have negative consequences for both American citizens and migrants. In her view, the current situation is detrimental to all parties involved, emphasizing the need for a more effective approach to address the challenges at the border.

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