Rep. Nancy Mace Disagrees with DeSantis’ Description of Trump Supporters

Republican Representative Nancy Mace expressed her disagreement with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ recent comments about supporters of former President Donald Trump. In an interview with “Lawrence Jones Cross Country,” Mace shared her confusion and criticism of DeSantis’ characterization of Trump’s followers.

During an interview with the Florida Standard, DeSantis referred to some supporters of Trump as “listless vessels.” He argued that within the Republican Party, there is a group that labels anyone who supports Trump as a “RINO” (Republican In Name Only), emphasizing the importance of rooted principles over blind loyalty to Trump.

Mace criticized DeSantis for belittling a significant portion of the electorate with his choice of words. She pointed out that these comments could contribute to his declining popularity. Mace also highlighted the growing support for Republican candidates like Vivek Ramaswamy, Nikki Haley, and Senator Tim Scott, which may be partly attributed to DeSantis’ divisive remarks.

In response to Jones’ question about DeSantis’ comments on Trump supporters in Congress, Mace stressed the need for unity within the Republican Party and respecting the diverse conservative principles held by different individuals. She encouraged politicians to refrain from attacking fellow conservatives and instead focus on rebuilding the party and supporting one another.

Mace concluded by emphasizing the importance of honesty and respect in the political process, particularly during the primary season. She urged politicians to acknowledge the diversity of conservative perspectives and uphold the values of unity and mutual support.

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