Remembering Marc Gilpin: ‘Jaws 2’ Star Passes Away at 56, Peri Gilpin Shares Heartfelt Tribute

The entertainment industry has lost a talented actor with the passing of Marc Gilpin, known for his role as Sean Brody in the iconic movie “Jaws 2.” At the age of 56, Gilpin succumbed to cancer after a brave battle against the disease. The news was confirmed by his sister, the well-known actress Peri Gilpin, who took to Instagram to pay tribute to her late brother.

In her heartfelt tribute, Peri Gilpin expressed deep admiration for her sister-in-law, Kaki, who stood by Marc’s side throughout his illness, offering unwavering love and support. Peri also highlighted Kaki’s various roles as a dedicated wife, mother, first-grade teacher, and a loving sister and sister-in-law.

Marc Gilpin rose to prominence with his breakthrough performance as Sean Brody in “Jaws 2” back in 1978, alongside legendary actor Roy Scheider, who portrayed Police Chief Martin Brody. Although Marc had a relatively short acting career, he left a lasting impression on audiences with memorable appearances in notable productions such as “Fantasy Island,” “The Legend of the Lone Ranger,” and “Earthbound.”

After gaining recognition for his role in the film “Surviving,” Marc caught the attention of manager Jerry Silverhardt, who agreed to sign him on one condition: his talented sister, Peri, would also be included. This sibling duo made a formidable team in their artistic pursuits.

In later years, Marc made the decision to step away from the limelight and pursue a different path as a self-taught software engineer, prioritizing his family life above all else.

Peri Gilpin, known for her acclaimed role as Roz Doyle in the beloved sitcom “Frasier,” is set to reprise her character in the highly anticipated “Frasier” reboot, which will be available on Paramount+. Her brother’s passing adds a bittersweet layer to this momentous occasion.

Marc Gilpin’s legacy will undoubtedly be remembered not only for his role in “Jaws 2,” but also for the immense love and support he received from his family during his courageous battle with cancer. His departure leaves a void that is deeply mourned by his loved ones and countless fans.

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