Redditor Raises Concerns: Denying Stepbrother’s Request to Share Room – Seeking Community Input

Introduction: A Reddit user sought advice from the r/AmItheA**hole subreddit after facing a controversial situation with their stepbrother. Wondering if they had acted wrongly, the Redditor explained their decision to deny their stepbrother, who they believed exhibited inappropriate behavior, from sharing their room. This post sparked a lively discussion among fellow Redditors, each offering their own perspective.

The Story:

Under the title “Am I the jerk for refusing to let my stepbrother share my room?,” the Redditor described a troubling incident that occurred within their family home. Alleging that their stepbrother engaged in inappropriate actions, the Redditor declined his request to sleep in their bedroom.

This event unfolded when the Redditor’s parents were away for a weekend, leaving them alone with their stepbrother. Due to past encounters with the stepbrother’s alleged perversion, the Redditor felt uncomfortable and unsafe, leading them to reject his request and suggest finding an alternative arrangement.

The Redditor recounted instances where their stepbrother invaded their privacy, made inappropriate comments, and engaged in voyeuristic activities, all contributing to a sense of mistrust and unease.

Seeking Validation:

The Reddit user openly admitted to seeking judgment from the r/AmItheA**hole community. They questioned whether their refusal to share their room with their stepbrother was unfair or justified, motivated by the need to protect personal boundaries.

Reactions and Discussions:

As with any r/AmItheA**hole post, the comments varied greatly. Some expressed sympathy towards the Redditor, acknowledging their right to prioritize their own comfort and safety. These individuals believed that the stepbrother’s past behavior warranted the refusal, supporting the Redditor’s decision to safeguard their personal space.

However, others raised concerns about the family dynamics and potential underlying issues that could have contributed to the stepbrother’s behavior. They advised the Redditor to have open communication with their parents, emphasizing the importance of addressing the root cause of the problem.


The Reddit post addressing a Redditor’s choice to deny their alleged pervert stepbrother from sharing their room sparked diverse reactions and a thought-provoking discussion on the r/AmItheA**hole subreddit. While opinions differed, the post underscored the complexity and significance of establishing boundaries within familial relationships, especially in uncomfortable or potentially harmful situations.

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