Reddit AITA: Husband Sparks Debate with Request for Bathroom Privacy

Redditor Seeks Opinions on Bathroom Door Request

On the popular subreddit r/AmItheA**hole, a husband has sparked a lively discussion by asking for his wife to close the bathroom door while she uses it. Users are weighing in on whether the husband’s request is reasonable or if it crosses the line into controlling behavior.

Background and Context

The husband shares his frustration with his wife’s habit of leaving the bathroom door partially or completely open while using it. He explains that this makes him uncomfortable due to smells, noises, and a lack of privacy. Seeking advice and validation, he turns to the online community for their opinions.

The Husband’s Argument

According to the husband, he has tried discussing the issue with his wife multiple times, emphasizing that he is not trying to control or invade her privacy. Instead, he wants to establish a boundary in their shared space. He believes that closing the bathroom door should be a reasonable expectation to ensure personal space and decency.

The Wife’s Perspective

While the wife’s viewpoint is not directly mentioned in the Reddit post, users speculate on possible reasons for her behavior. Some suggest that past experiences or personal preferences make her more comfortable with an open bathroom door. Others suggest forgetfulness or a lack of awareness about how her actions impact her husband.

The Online Debate

Redditors quickly take sides, engaging in a passionate debate. Supporters of the husband argue that his desire for privacy and a pleasant bathroom experience is valid. They believe that closing the door is a basic courtesy that shouldn’t require discussion.

Critics, however, argue that the husband’s expectation of a closed door is unreasonable. They claim it infringes upon the wife’s bodily autonomy and disregards her comfort. Some suggest that instead of imposing his preferences, the husband should consider alternative solutions like using earplugs or air fresheners.

Psychological Factors and Gender Dynamics

The Reddit thread delves into deeper psychological factors and gender dynamics that may be at play. Some speculate that the husband’s request is influenced by cultural or societal norms regarding bathroom etiquette and privacy. Others suggest that the wife’s casual attitude towards bathroom privacy may indicate her comfort and security in the relationship.

Final Verdict

The Reddit community remains divided in its judgment. Some label the husband as the a**hole, accusing him of infringing upon his wife’s autonomy. Others sympathize with his plea for decency and privacy, declaring him not the a**hole.


This Reddit post sparks an exploration of personal boundaries, bathroom etiquette, and the complexities of married life. Though no clear answer emerges, the discussion offers valuable insights into differing perspectives, societal norms, and the intricacies of relationships.

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