President Biden May Have Indirectly Benefited from Hunter’s International Business, New Evidence Suggests

Recently uncovered emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop have raised concerns about President Joe Biden potentially benefiting from his son’s business dealings. Bank records reviewed by the House Oversight Committee indicate that the president’s family and associates received a substantial amount of $20 million from foreign sources in countries such as Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and China. Some of these foreign entities reportedly had meetings with Joe Biden during his time as vice president.

The investigation into Hunter Biden’s business activities has reached a point where Attorney General Merrick Garland has appointed Delaware US Attorney David Weiss as a special counsel. The probe has revealed that several members of the Biden family received payments from this foreign cash flow, often lacking clear business justification.

While there is no direct evidence of payments to the president himself, emails found on Hunter’s laptop suggest that Joe Biden may have indirectly profited from his son’s financial endeavors. Some of these emails allude to Hunter sharing portions of his income with his father over the years, claiming to have provided financial support for the entire family. This allegedly includes Hunter covering his father’s expenses and other bills.

The Biden family’s financial interconnections extended beyond monetary transactions. Hunter’s emails reportedly show instances where he paid for Joe Biden’s bills and household expenses. Eric Schwerin, Hunter’s former business partner, was involved in managing these expenses and apparently made payments for various bills, including maintenance and repairs for Joe Biden’s property.

While the emails do not offer concrete proof of direct payments from foreign sources to Joe Biden, they raise concerns about potential indirect financial ties between Hunter’s business dealings and the president. Critics argue that these findings suggest possible influence peddling and conflicts of interest.

The investigation into the Biden family’s financial activities is ongoing, and Congress is considering subpoenaing the family for further inquiries. As more information emerges, the full extent of the financial connections and their implications for the Biden family’s reputation remains uncertain.

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